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Patch Ezee (Readymade Pothole repair mix)

Patch Ezee is a bituminous ready mix to instantly repair the potholes. After the onset of monsoon, development of pot holes is common phenomenon. Hot mix plants are shut down and no bituminous hot mix is available for filling these potholes. Here emerges the need to implement a simple and effective method for repairing potholes dueing the monsoon as well as through out the year. ART has developed a mix under the name & style of Patch Ezee. It is a complete solution for potholes. This is a mixture composed of mineral aggregate coated with bituminous material and is a better application than the densely graded hot mix. The material is capable of being stocked for at least six months without stripping and shall be workable at all times. This material is intended for patching holes up to 75 mm (3 inches) deep.

The main Ingredients of Patch Ezee are mineral aggregate, bituminous binder and anti stripping agent.

Salient features of Patch Ezee

No additives.

All weather applicability.

Simple to use, no specialized skills required.

No specialized machinery or equipment required.

Environmental friendly, no processing or heating required.

Allows movement of traffic after 15 - 25 minutes.

Shelf life - 09 months.

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